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Palazzo Belmonte offers unique activities and experiences, both within the Palazzo and nearby, to give its guests a truly unforgettable vacation. These include excursions, tastings, nature tours and cultural activities. You can indulge and choose the experience that suits you best. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible of your interest in one or more activities.
We are here to make your dreams come true and help you to create lasting memories.

Experiences in and around the Palazzo

Learn how to make traditional ice cream

Learn how to make delicious Italian ice cream from our award-winning local gelato maker. This activity can be conducted either in the Palazzo or in the village depending on the number of participants.

Private boat trip
along the coast

Enjoy a wonderful adventure along the coast and swim in the refreshing crystal clear waters. Excursions can be organized either for half or full day.

Ceramic Painting

Discover the art of pottery and plate-painting using traditional techniques and designs. Then kiln fire your creations and take home your finished work.

Learn the art of making

At the Palazzo, we organise private lessons for small groups to make delicious mozzarella using traditional buffalo milk.

Buffalo mozzarella cheese tasting
with a sea view

Octopus fishing with local fishermen

Experience a unique adventure. Join local fishermen in San Marco di Castellabate as they head out at sunset to catch octopus.

Yoga classes
at sunset

Enjoy a rejuvenating yoga session with a sunset sea view. This activity can be organized for couples or small groups.

Wine tasting at local wineries

You can visit local wineries and taste local wines. We can arrange either an ad hoc or a specific itinerary for your needs.

Visit a local

Visit at a family-owned distillery renowned for liquor production. Try their limoncello, you will not regret it.

Discover the famous ceramics of Campania!

Other activities and experiences we offer our guests include beauty treatments at a local spa, a romantic dinner on our Belvedere Terrace with a private chef, or a tour of a local buffalo farm to see how mozzarella is made. We can also arrange Italian language lessons in small groups or individually

Nature and adventure

punta licosa marine park

Punta Licosa is one of the most enchanting coastlines in Italy. Its name originates from the legend of the mermaid Leucosia, who, because of Odysseus, chose to end her own life by throwing herself off a cliff. Her body was later transformed into the Island of Licosa. This nature oasis, with woods of pine and eucalyptus, and dotted with olive and carob trees, is lapped by crystal clear waters. It is an ideal place for snorkelers and those who love to immerse themselves in nature. At the end of the promontory is Licosa Island, and its lighthouse. You can just make out the remains of a Roman villa under the limpid blue waters that surround the island.

tour of the most beautiful caves

guided boat tour, discovering the wonderful sea caves of Palinuro, is an experience not to be missed. The striking Blue Cave and other local grottoes offer light and colour shows that will take your breath away.

Don’t miss the incredible beauty of the Pertosa Caves, the only place in Europe where you can navigate an underground river and plunge into the heart of the mountain. Another must-see attraction are the Castelcivita Caves, also known as the Spartacus Caves, which extend several kilometres into the Alburni Mountains covering a distance of 1,700 meters

fly over the cilento

In Trentinara you can have a unique adrenaline experience by swinging through the air on the panoramic Cilento zipper line. Enjoy spectacular 360-degree sunsets and incredible views encompassing the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri, the archaeological zone, and the beautiful waters of Paestum beach.

nature hike

In the mountains of the Cilento National Park, the Calore River creates spectacular rocky, canyon-like gorges, perfect for immersing yourself in nature-based sports activities. There are many options: hiking along trails, adventuring on the river in canoeskayaks or paddleboats. The town of Felitto provides an ideal starting point for unique hiking experiences. If you wish to explore all sections of the gorges, you will have five distinct routes, and Magliano Nuovo and Felitto are considered among the most spectacular by visitors.

Archaeological and cultural itineraries


Just 10 minutes from the Palace is the town where the famous film “ Benvenuto al Sud” (Welcome to the South) was made. It has breath-taking panoramic views of the Gulf of Salerno. With its picturesque alleys weaving through the village, it is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful hilltop villages.


Paestum, just 30 minutes from Castellabate, is the archaeological site that is home to three of the best-preserved temples of ancient Greece in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with  a museum full of frescoes, ceramics and millennia-old artifacts. These include the iconic funerary fresco of the Tomb of the Diver.

The temples and monuments of Paestum (from the 5th century B.C. onward) can be reached via the “Via Sacra” and include the Temple of Hera and Neptune, in a pure Doric style. Other points of interest include the Forum, the Roman amphitheatre, and the Athena Temple.

Velia, located just 40 minutes from Castellabate, was founded in the late 6th century B.C. by the Phoenician Greeks as Elea. Although it has been only partially excavated, it is famous for being the seat of the school of Eleatic philosophers including Parmenides and his pupil Zeno

Salerno, an hour away from Castellabate, is home to the Cathedral, a monument of great historical importance founded by the Normans in 1085. A charming porticoed atrium and two splendid ambos dating back to the 12th century welcome you. Bronze doors, cast in Constantinople in the 11th century, are equally significant. It was customary for Crusaders to have their weapons blessed in this church before leaving for the Holy Land.

the charterhouse of padula

One of the most important monuments in southern Italy and much loved by our guests. This Carthusian monastery, founded in 1300, boasts the largest cloister in the world. The baroque-style building houses a famous annex with a spiral white marble staircase leading to the magnificent library.

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